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Why develop an app for your business?

In a highly connected world, where the internet has gained full force in both business and personal life of users, it is almost unthinkable that there is still a company that’s out of the digital reality. However, even in the online environment (with investments in site optimization or social network management, for example), there are companies that haven’t realized yet the importance of responding to new demands of this scenario and of consumers.

Among them, is an increasingly expressive tendency, to develop a business app. After all, why have some companies, from a variety of sizes, invested in innovative solutions and how can it be a competitive advantage for yours? If you want to increase the results of your business, check out the list we have prepared with the main advantages of developing an app.

# 1 Proximity to the customer

Nowadays, developing an app is interesting for both customers and businesses. Unlike websites, which may even be responsive, an app interacts with the customer by offering utility in a more clear and present way, encouraging the exchange of experience and frequent use of resource.

That is, when developing an app, the company offers a bigger and more frequent contact with the public, which, of course, strengthens it. While on the site, people consult about some information, in the app, they actually use the system, and that’s where the main difference between the two are.

This does not mean that the company must abandon the first strategy. However, combining measures to facilitate the expansion of this “communication” is essential today, especially with the distractions that the online environment itself offers.

To stay closer to clients, there’s nothing better than to become useful in his life. This encourages an ongoing relationship that prevents, for example, that the brand falls easily into forgetfulness of potential customers who have already had contact with it. By looking at the reason for using the app or having the curiosity aroused for what the company offers, the public feels more compelled to continue “consuming” everything it offers.

#2 Insights for Business and Modernization

Reinforcing this idea, we cannot forget that consumer’s behavior has changed, and today, in addition to being more critical and objective, the customer often passes valuable feedback to companies about what they are looking for or expecting from their services.

So, by developing an app, the company can respond better and faster to those demands, become more involved and aligned with the prospects of its market, and get important metrics on the reaction of its audience. This makes it win market intelligence to create increasing differentials. Understanding customer profiles needs and expectations in a deeper way, makes it possible to develop apps that put them in disposal of tools that tighten links and win the preference.

#3 Differentiated Experience

According to Gartner estimates, the application market is expected to move up to $ 77 billion by 2017, attracting more and more people. And what are all these users looking for? The answer is simple: extended, differentiated experience. While websites and other company relationship channels serve more basic customer needs, an app can go further.

For example, you can have a list of the services and products you offer on your site and the benefits they can bring to customers, but an application shows what they really are. That is, an app not only informs, but can also immediately generate value in customers’ lives – and this is a huge differential. By adding features and offering an in-app utility proposition, the levels customer engage with the company’s initiatives and work becomes much larger.

#4 Greater customer reach

Lastly, one of the greatest advantages of developing an app for your business is that it reaches a much higher number of costumers compared to other innovations. People walk with smartphones and tablets all the time and access them from multiple locations, whether it’s from home, from the office, in traffic, while traveling or even in their study environments.

Nowadays, the BYOD (or “Bring Your Own Device”) phenomenon is becoming more current and makes people connect to the web all the time and interest in using online options. This increases the chances of an application reaching a larger number of customers at multiple points. Therefore, your company must meet their needs.

However, it’s worth remembering that having a specialized company as a solution provider, which provides all the support, since the project development to deployment phases, is essential for your initiative to succeed. After all, it’s not enough to just develop an app. You must come up with a version that guarantees usability and quality that provides the best possible experience for your user. Think about it: since your application is likely to reach a much larger number of customers, it’s extremely important that the perception generated by this audience is as positive as possible.

So, do you still have any questions about the importance of developing an app for your business? Your company still doesn’t provide an application for your customers? Contact us and find out how our solutions work.

Postado por Kyros Tecnologia em 1 November, 2016


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