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Gain time and facility with klonner! Get to know it!

Have you heard about Klonner?

Managing company portfolio products isn’t an easy task, especially with they require constant improvement.

However, counting on some kind of tool that helps with this work or how new configurations are implemented is a big differential.

To understand, see how this Kyros product can help your company with this challenge:

First of all, what is Klonner?

Klonner is an easy tool developed by Kyros that speeds up the development and configuration implantation of new product portfolios and services offered. Controlling life cycle of projects and enabling a practical and intuitive management of products and services.

Klonner’s differential is its generic functioning and customization, this way, it’s possible to configure, independent from the system or technology applied, you can identify and choose the type of configuration to be replicated, making it possible for the person responsible to adjust data according to their needs.

It’s also possible to control all the project configuration flow, as well as the management and update of already existing products;
and other diverse functions in the scope of configuration of products and services.

Problems it solves: Cost increase, Bureaucracy and Time-to-market

Klonner simplifies the life circle of your products, making the management of new portfolio projects easier and avoiding double work – which, on the other hand, results more costs and takes more time.

This is because the main problem today in companies are the creation of a new product (new version or update) from scratch and operational rework. The consequence is often that new ideas are left out because they would cost too much time and resources.

With Klonner, specialized workload is reduced drastically, because the application user is able to “rewrite” an already existing configuration in any system previously configured and maintain similar parts, which will continue unchanged. Making it possible for the company to change only the necessary for creation of a new version of a product or service, with new characteristics, which reduces time and operational costs.

That way the company isn’t able to optimize time or efforts to focus on innovation. This, on the other hand, gives you more competitiveness.

Benefits this tool provides

In practice, it’s possible to achieve more agility, security and precision which will reflect in optimized time, productivity and client satisfaction.


  • Time-to-market;
  • Low cost in launching new products and/or services.

IT Factory:

  • Configurations done independent from the system technology;
  • Process flow customization for project development;
  • Production and application configuration automation in any scenario;
  • Configuration management of products and/or services;
  • Report creation;
  • Easy traceability of applied configurations;
  • Decrease of skilled labor.


  • Increase of team productivity;
  • Solutions implanted with less time and cost.

System user:

  • Abstraction of the complexity of a configuration;
  • Ease and agility of the system.

How to know if you need Klonner in your company?

If your business has a large stream of new product development, you have to do operational tasks and need help so you don’t have to redo every step every time you develop a similar new product.

A good example, although not the only one, may be applied in telecommunication companies, which have the constant need to generate new possibilities of packages or services and that, in order to create a product, normally they must start new projects from scratch, with a different configuration in various systems that make up the company’s infrastructure.

With Klonner this whole process would be easier, so the company would already have the early phases replicated from previous projects.

So how about having a solution like this in your company? Klonner can speed up the launch of your new products!

Talk to Kyros and ask for a quote!

Postado por Kyros Tecnologia em 5 February, 2019


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