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How to offer quality on sites and portals in the Consumer Era?

The so-called digital transformation, with internet boom, has brought numerous impacts to society and businesses. Its effects on our globalized world are undeniable, as well as on market and business.

We are connected to an environment full of information and content, where it is very difficult to completely separate face-to-face from online. Information circulates very quickly and it is challenging to retain website or portal visitor’s attention.

Good site or portal construction should be included in the company’s strategic planning. Just developing it is not enough, it is essential to link it to strategies aimed at boosting the visibility of the brand, products and services, connecting to the interests of users. Check out what you cannot miss:

Content Quality

Potential customers come to companies looking for relevant content. While on one hand they modify this space with their user behaviors while consuming content, on the other hand companies have also become consumers of information and not just generators, which poses a much greater challenge in this unfolding technological dynamic and in living experiences in an online environment.

And in the midst of this phase of information sharing, the question arises: How can you exploit new utilities on websites and portals to connect these consumers with the products that interest you the most? How to get your brand message across through the content you provide?

It is important to think about this when developing and updating a website, this feature has gained other functionalities, representing a channel no longer static, but which receives and analyzes information to generate actions.

An example of this is mobile marketing, which has become a versatile communication tool, merging chatbots and virtual tours and also, providing an experience closer to the reality of the user.

This quality content, developed with the best tools, leads to greater customer conversion. At this point, it is interesting to think about when to develop a portal and when to invest in a common website, depending on the targeting of your target audience.

Optimizations and performance

Another factor of attention is thinking about layout and performance of an easy-to-use and optimized site, as well as SEO, to make it work better and appear in the most common search engine results.

In this case, it is crucial to understand how search engines work and what is interesting to have in the plan, from home, page tags and information to the layout of each menu, site architecture and navigability.

Using the best and most appropriate tools in each case greatly helps to achieve good performance and results, preferably with the support of a specialized team.

Remember that you must test a solution or project before making it available to end customers. This allows you to be clearer about your vulnerabilities and potentialities and remediate, in advance, issues that could harm the user experience.

Integration to CRM

One important thing to think about is the possibility of integrating your site with a CRM tool that allows, besides capturing customers, the proper management of the service after receiving the leads, both in research processes and in the acquisition of products or even after sales.

This is very important, as the company starts to treat the site not as an isolated tool, but as part of a larger marketing strategy, with the potential to provide information and to return to the market more adjusted information that has strategic value for the company’s actions and its business strategy.

Watch for trends

Finally, it is clear that companies are increasingly innovating their websites and portals. We often come across unconventional pages that merge graphics in addition to a new style of scrolling and information gathering. This way you can influence the consumer from the first access and keep them attracted in terms of navigability and usability.

To give you an idea, even resumes are made in the form of websites through spaces where professionals have the opportunity to expose better their work, divide their experiences by categories and projects and present them dynamically, retaining attention to who receives or accesses this information. In general, efforts for more dynamic and rich content on websites lately go beyond text, addressing, as mentioned, the use of hypermedia (all that helps them achieve visibility and connect the reader to the essence of the content they promote), companies have also done the same with their portfolios.

Today websites integrate testimonials from customer experiences with links to their social networks as well. Digital convergence even allows live broadcasts and training available online as a way to retain and nurture leads that come through this channel and always expect to find something new and different.

People, therefore, when visiting a site, always look for a different content. They are looking for spaces where they can schedule, download plug-ins or view demos, and may even choose to consume the information in a design that is more appealing or a clean design, according to what they most identify with.

So, have an idea what your site needs? Need help and want to talk to development experts to help you get this idea started? Talk to us!

Postado por Flávio Nogueira em 23 August, 2019


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