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Project Management: Traditional or Agile Methodology?

Project management consists of using methods, techniques, practices and skills to ensure the planning, execution, monitoring and control of a project. There are methodologies and standards that define these methods, techniques, and practices.

In the IT field project management (such as software development); the most common project management models are Waterfall (Cascade Model or Traditional Model, most common designations of the model) and agile models.

Agile models are becoming more and more used IT companies, but this doesn’t mean that they’re better than traditional models. The choice between an agile model or a traditional model must be made according to the nature and characteristics of the project. Some examples are: Is the project scope well defined or still open? Is the project high risk or low risk for the company?

When entrusting your project to an IT company, they need to have more flexibility and knowledge in methodologies in order to identify which one is best suited for the project.

So, in this post we will discuss concepts of traditional and agile methodologies and how Kyros works with both.

Methodologies for project management

It’s important to keep in mind some aspects related to the nature of the project in order to choose which one is the most suitable for each case:

  • Project scope: is it well defined or is it necessary / desired to be defined in a step-by-step manner?
  • Deliveries: is it possible to make gradual value deliveries to customers? This point refers not only to the breakdown of projects in deliveries, but to deliveries that add value, that is, each cycle generates an actual delivery of the project that can already be effectively used or applied by the client;
  • Risks involved: is it a high, medium or low risk project for the company?
  • Total costs: here it is also important to analyze the available budget for the project, because according to the chosen path, the company can have a larger or smaller investment.

Traditional Methodology

The traditional methodology, as its name suggests, refers to the model most practiced in software development.

In Kyros, this methodology (CMMI) is applied when the project is considered high risk, and it’s necessary to have more detailed documentation of each step, for example, a more “linear” or “regular” schedule, in which occurs the final delivery of a solution only after following all the steps provided in the project.

It has positive points such as greater prediction of unit testing, ensuring final quality of the software, testing user acceptance before launching and / or correction of possible failures before they reflect on the perception of performance.

On the other hand, it can naturally lead to more time and therefore higher costs. In this model, the identification of budget overflow is usually late, which can cause damages for the company and its clients.

Agile Methodology

 When the scope of the project is well defined and there is already a mastery of the technologies to use in the project, Kyros option is using agile methodology, allowing quick and valuable deliveries to clients.

In this case, the project is phased or broken down in Sprints, in which each Sprint is defined, planned, constructed and revised for a set of features that are delivered and can already be used by customers.

In addition to fast deliveries, the method also has the advantages of being able to prioritize, ensuring that the most important parts of the project will be delivered, also reducing problems related to budget overflow, since essentials parts are delivered first, optional or less important parts can be canceled, thus avoiding losses.

Optimization of project management

Through this know-how in terms of methodologies and practices of project management, in addition to constant updating and improvement, Kyros optimizes the management of its projects guaranteeing the quality and excellence in its deliveries.

So, does your company need to develop software and want to find a company that develops its activities optimally? Contact Kyros!

Postado por Kyros Tecnologia em 20 May, 2018


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