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Mobile first and test management: How are they connected?

Mobile first and test management: How are they connected?

Mobile first is a term that has been used in business, marketing, and IT to describe the need to respond to today’s consumer demands, which now, connects much more through mobile devices.

This has raised questions around customer experience and why you should think about mobile. So that you understand a little more about the subject and know what you can’t miss, we have prepared the following post. Check out:

What is mobile first?

In other words, it’s the tendency for companies today to first develop websites, apps, and technology products that work and behave well on mobile, and then think of a desktop version.

Clearly, customers are now much more connected via smartphones, given the speed of information,  greater access to smartphones, and the ability to shop or perform tasks with the ease of mobility, often “remotely”, in the streets or long distances.

Thus, responsive sites, which were once thought out from the experience first generated for a conventional computer screen, requiring that the content be later adapted to another version, are increasingly giving way to mobile first.

In other words, digital has brought this reality, in which it is also necessary to offer quality in websites and portals – a factor that is not out of the mobile first challenges either. At this point it is noteworthy that mobile responsive is not the same as mobile first, although both concepts are important.

Both mobile first and responsive mobile are ways to develop sites that are suitable for desktop, tablet or smartphone, but mobile first aims to focus first on smartphones by adjusting the development and testing on these devices first, while responsive mobile get started by the desktop and then are adapted to the mobile.

But what not to forget?

Launching the best solution on the market requires some care. The agility to develop the solution and place it more highly adapted to the market gets attention.

Therefore, in addition to agility, the advantages may lie in the fact that companies seek to detach faster from competitors and launch a solution that is more attuned to the needs and demands of their consumers, for greater user reach and assertiveness.

However, more than agility, the mobile must have quality. See below:

How to launch the best solution in the Market?

When we talk about developing a website, through the usual steps, there’s some talk about thinking out the design and engagement, to resume this fundamental concept. In mobile first, attributes of UX -or User Experience-, as well as navigability and usability, must be strictly observed.

What will help the company set good benchmarks for this analysis is the establishment of appropriate software testing, which takes into account the characteristics of who will access and the ability of the application to respond promptly and fit them.

In addition to a good scope, it’s necessary to test carefully before launching into the market. More than good organization of content that will be accessible, it is necessary to think about integrations and technical possibilities, such as interactions with other apps, generating an “online environment” in which the customer can solve as many things or doubts as possible about what they need or look for.

Mobile first and testing management:

Finally, and essential, is the recommendation not to neglect testing management on mobile first, for companies that want to achieve excellent solution performance and engage users. The mobile first product will need to be functional, attractive, intuitive and well navigable.

The delay in loading pages on mobile or not loading images, remember that this can affect the performance of a site on mobile. So there’s no point in developing a beautiful content if, by not testing it, you risk losing too much quality. It is necessary to invest in working together in both areas.

Therefore, defining with competent professionals what is the best programming language that the mobile first website or app should be developed with. Thinking of tools to integrate it into marketing and sales, so that it is strategic, and thinking about architecture focused on Mobile as well as testing results before releasing it to the public are measures that can effectively ensure that the investment brings excellent returns and further contributes to the company’s success.

Test management comes precisely to ensure that the best tool is made available to users and that it is possible to correct failures and institute necessary improvements before it is finally considered ready, without losing time-to-market and competitiveness.

So, do you already invest in mobile first and test management? Need help developing a solution or tool to help you manage this checking phase? Talk to Kyros! We can help you!

Postado por Kyros Tecnologia em 30 August, 2019


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