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Why choose Kyros’s solutions when the topic is technology?

In the market configuration where we are today, sooner or later every business encounters the need to find the best technology, as well as the best company to modernize processes, computerize and/or automatize steps that can become more agile, add innovation in order to maintain competitive and develop distinguishing features.

According to FGV’s (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) research, even with Brazil’s crisis companies haven’t stop investing in technology, that keeps the revenue stable in 7, 6%, which shows how much they need this type of investment to survive.

In this aspect enters a very important detail: not only are the solutions you choose important but also the supplier that help you incorporate operations with success. It’s important to choose a partner you trust that will be able to offer the best product/service with the best cost-benefit ratio, producing real results and adjusting into your reality.

To understand this dynamic, Kyros has prepared this post to tell you a little bit more about our performance and how we can help you!

Get to know the reasons:

Why is Kyrosthe best option for IT Solutions?

Kyros Technology has been in the market since 2006 e since then we have been attending a variety of companies with the mission to provide customized IT solutions that incorporate value to your business.

Our work model is based on sustainability and optimization of our client’s investment, which means we work with your resources so all your efforts become profitable and as intelligent as possible, creating real result for your business. 

That’s why Kyros offers a complete service which can help you identify from the beginning your company’s needs, as well as from developing solutions, innovation or implanting technology for following performance indicators and data analysis, generating competitive intelligence, in order to always provide balance between the client and the service provider.

We are always worried about the collaboration and quality of our services, in fact, Kyros has as one of its differentials the creation of Kyros Academy, an offer to increase productivity and the success of our services by including company employees in training and experiences that help them get closer to the reality of clients while improving solutions and methods.

Products and services

Kyros works with technology solutions from a variety of sizes and focuses, always thinking about providing clients with products and services that simplify and optimize processes and collaborate with the best time efficiency and team effort.  

Kyros solutions are aligned with the most modern market trends, ready to attend new company demands for on point, agile and qualified solutions that generate results.

Through the development of modern processes, we offer softwares and solutions fit for being applied in the right timing for the market (time to market), always on the same page as the client adjusting strategies overviews.

Among some of our mains products are:

Kyts: Testing tool for software production, which ensures quality and optimizes development procedures, verifying the production status, supervising the most critic scenarios and maximizing the whole work result in different phases.

Geojuris: system that makes lawyer’s life easier allowing solving and dealing with legal procedures thought collaboration and interaction with other professionals in different regions, possibility generated thought total digital mobility and also thought geolocalization technology. 

Klonner: Solution focused on experience and business knowledge gained from individuals from the organization, permitting the creation and the enhancement of business entities in a fast, simple and safe way.    

We also have to our client’s disposal B.I.’s and tools that interact with Big Data reality, such as solutions for data analysis that show different business paths. 

Advantages of outsourcing with Kyros

While relying on Kyros to provide solutions for your company, you can benefit with innumerous advantages in outsourcing IT services, based on the needs of your business, relieving your team from arduous questions and having support to pursue more quality in your productive environment with helpful tools.

With less time wasted on tasks that can be simplified and less problems, you will be able to put your solutions in the market even faster with more quality and focusing on what is strategic and essential for your performance and growth.

Due to the needs of your business, we traced an implementation plan and we can suggest the best solutions for opening new paths in order to make it easier for you to achieve your goals!

So, do you know the options Kyros has for helping your business grow with the best technology? Take advantage and explore with more details or send us your doubts, we’re ready to help! Conte on us!

Postado por Kyros Tecnologia em 4 January, 2019


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