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Test Factory

At Kyros, quality is seen as the accuracy and the attention given to each task that is done during the cycle of the development of a software, that allows us to deliver robust, bug free software.

Our Software Quality Assurance (SQA) operates actively during all the cycle of development of the software, not only at the end of the project, finding bugs that could had been avoided.

“Software testing is a process that guarantees that the code is ready to be used.”
Túlio César – Test Factory Manager

What we Analyze

Conceptions – Requirement Reviews

We put into details every interaction and functionality of the platform.

Formulation- Availability guarantees

Requirement gathering such as load and stress testing that can evaluate the behavior of the software.

Building - Security guarantees

We audit the code, simulate invasions and explore the identify flaws, so we can eliminate any instability found in the system.

Adequacy - User Experience

We put ourselves in the user’s shoes when it comes to how to use the app. When it comes to the experience, we like it to be the most intuitive as it can be so it can be easier it is to achieve the expectations.

Successful cases

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