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Through market monitoring and constant updates, Kyros offers consultants with differentials that support customers in making decisions, aiming for the best results.

Our consultants work in several areas of technology and business, helping from orientation, design, to project completion.


“Facts-based decisions, whether descriptive, predictive or prescriptive, require the use of an appropriate Analytics / Big Data architecture so that a company’s data journey is conducted agile, easy, governance, and at any scale. Such a process is known as the analytical cycle of the data, and in this sense we help companies and professionals build a modern EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) with a focus on transforming their data into valuable information for the business.”

Henrique Neto – BI/Analytics/Big Data Operations Manager

What We Offer


Make the right planning of your next steps. We understand what the first information to know, important data, scope, time and cost constraints are. It is at this moment that the premises and purpose of the company are recorded.


Our consultant will seek to guide you to achieve the best results.

Monitoring and control

We ensure that monitoring is in line with planning. Reinforcing control with graphs, monitoring of performance indicators, corrective and preventive actions, among other business metrics.

Successful cases

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